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Personalize Your Session

I’m excited to work with you capturing the moments that truly matter. I offer several sessions and packages designed to be affordable while providing the best deal for you. If you’re looking for a personalized custom session, I offer those as well. The price associated with those is dependent on what you’re looking for. Those are best handled by having a consultation to go over your thoughts. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to book my other sessions or schedule your free consultation.

Our Wedding Packages

When you work with me, you’ll get a personalized experience from when I arrive until you receive the edited photographs. All my wedding packages begin with a consultation to go over your proposal so I can fit your exact needs. I’ll work with your wedding planner to find the best locations at your venue for newlywed photos. I have the experience needed to capture those little candid moments allowing you to enjoy your special day fully. I take a pride capturing weddings in USA, France, Italy and Canada. Last year, I photographed a celebrity wedding.

Please connect with us through our website contact forms to schedule your professional photoshoot consultation and custom quote. Be sure to schedule your consultation to go over your requirements.

We also offer videography services and engagement sessions as an addition to your package.



Capture Your Family Memories

Life happens fast, and it can seem like your children are a little one day and then fully grown the next. Be sure to capture those precious moments with our family photography sessions. I specialize in lifestyle photography and will work with you to find the perfect location. I can also offer suggestions if you need help choosing the ideal outfit or pose. Your family photos make great reminders and ways to look back and cherish these memories. My goal is to capture those candid moments that let your family shine and find what makes them unique. My family photography sessions start at $475.

Schedule your free consultation to go over your theme and needs.


Let’s Work Together

I get so excited for each session we book. It’s a chance for me to share my passion and excitement for helping people. When you work with me, I strive to make each photography session a fun and thrilling moment that allows you and your family to relax. As you relax, it will enable me to take better photos and better capture what makes you unique. If you’re looking for a custom photography session, contact me. Otherwise, schedule your free consultation to plan your photo shoot.

Turning moments into memories